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What is a Search Tool
and Why Would I Want One?

Good question! If you have serious content, a site or intranet search engine will allow your visitors to jump directly to the topic they want. More...

Guide to Choosing & Using
Search Tools

The guide will help you learn more about site searching. Or try the remote search services on this site.

Overviews, Reviews, Links, and Surveys

Includes articles and books providing general site search information, and those with more specific product reviews.

Search Tools Product Listings

Alphabetical List or divided by platform: Java, Mac, Perl, Unix, and Windows; also Remote Search Hosting Services, Code Libraries, and Open Source Search Engines

Background Topics and Analysis

Multimedia Search, Faceted Metadata Search, PDF and Web Site Search, Intranets and EIPs, XML and Search, Information Architecture, Web Indexing Robot Spiders, and more.

Currently featured: Blossom Search
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This site provides information, news and advice about web site searching technology. It is maintained by Avi Rappoport as a service to the Web community. I welcome your comments and suggestions: just contact me. I am also available for information needs analysis, writing and evaluating RFPs, search audits, evaluation, implementation, training and management. For more information, see the Consulting page, or use the contact form .
Disclosure: This site is free, ad-free, and is not sponsored by any anyone. Avi sometimes works with search vendors, but does not give them site visitor or survey personal information, or allow relationships with any vendors to change any product review or analysis. Current search vendor consulting client: LucidImagination; see also the list of vendor clients.
Blog and Commenting

The SearchTools blog on LiveJournal provides an opportunity for you to tell me what you think about enterprise search tools for web sites and intranets, and about the SearchTools.com web site. You do not have to have an account to post, you can reply anonymously. All comments are screened, so there will be no blog spam.

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Avi Rappoport of Search Tools Consulting can help you evaluate your search engine, whether it's on a site, portal, intranet, or Enterprise. Please contact SearchTools for more information.

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