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Microsoft Index Server

Index Server Product Information
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Price: free with Windows NT Plus Pack and other Windows Information Server packages
Platform: Windows NT (Server only, not Workstation), Windows 2000

Security Patches

Summer, 2001: The CodeRed Worm can attack unpatched versions of Index Server on Windows NT and Windows 2000. Exploiting this vulnerability allows attackers to run code of their choice on machines with Index Server installed.

Spring, 2000: Microsoft has announced a Security Vulnerability with Index Server on Windows NT 4 and Windows 2000. Essentially, any site which runs Index Server can be compromised if the server receives certain erroneous commands. We recommend that everyone who is running Index Server read the FAQ and apply the patch.

Technical Support and Discussions

Microsoft Index Server Usenet Newsgroup

Index Server on IIS Answers Bulletin Board - Index Server Mailing List

Articles and Reviews

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