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iPlanet Portal (was Netscape Compass Server)

iPlanet Portal Product Information
  iPlanet/ Sun ONE Web Server search documentation

old Compass Server Product Information

Price: included with iPlanet Portal
Platforms: Windows NT 4, 2000; Unix: Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX, DEC Unix


July 11, 2002 iPlanet Search Security Flaw

The Sun ONE Web Server search function (formerly iPlanet search engine / Netscape Compass) is vulnerable to a buffer overflow attack, which then gives access to the server and the ability to run code as the administrator account. Sun has released patches for iPlanet 4.1 (SP 10) and 6 (SP 3).

In December, 2000, a company spokesperson said:

Netscape Compass Server will no longer be sold as an independent product, although current customers will be supported and upgraded to the latest version, 3.01c. From this point forward, it will be included as part of the iPlanet Portal Server.

The GrapeVINE for Compass product, will be renamed to iPlanet Portal Server: Personalized Knowledge Services. It will work as a module to the iPlanet Portal Server, much the same way GrapeVINE worked with Netscape Compass Server.

Both products should be integrated and available to customers by the first quarter of 2001.


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