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Why do results in my Custom Search Engine differ from results on

If you see different results with your Custom Search Engine than you see on, check to make sure you've added the page you expect to see with no spelling errors or URL-pattern errors. If your Custom Search Engine includes more than three sites, the results may be from a subset of our index and may differ from the results of a 'site:' search on If you'd like to see more complete results, try one of the following options:

  • In the Basics tab of the control panel, under Preferences, select 'Search only included sites.' In the Sites tab, make sure to include no more than three sites. Please note that each domain you add is counted towards this total; pages within these domains aren't.
  • In the Basics tab of the control panel, under Preferences, select 'Search the entire web but emphasize included sites.'
  • Add refinements inside your search engine that meet one of these requirements.
  • We're working to bring more complete results to all Custom Search Engines.

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