Testing Robots and X Robots Tag NoSnippet

This is a test of the x-robots-tag in the HTTP header from the new Robot Exclusion Protocol. For other tests, see the Robot Test List page.

The HTTP header robots tag for this page is: X-Robots-Tag "NOSNIPPET", meaning that search engines should index text on this page, but should not display the "snippet" text or a link to a "cache" in search results pages (SERP). I'm not exactly sure if this means that the search engines should also suppress the ODP info and meta description tags.

I am adding a meta description tag with rtest code 11085, to see if that shows up when the page is displayed in search results.


Search Test Keyword: RTest, RTest1108, RTestProblem, RTestProblem1108

Page Created 2008-07-08

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