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As of January, 2012, this site is no longer updated, due to work and health issues.


Testing Indexing Date Issues on Dynamic Pages

This page is in a suite of pages testing how search indexers do with page modification dates.

Technologies such as SSI, Perl, PLP, Python, ASP and others can generate pages on-demend: they don't exist until someone sends a request for that URL. Because the information could be entirely new, these sytems default to setting the date as the moment the file was generated.

Dynamic dates are a problem for search because the indexer can't tell if the content has changed, so it has to re-index the content, and make old content look misleadingly new.

This content has a modification date of March 8, 2011. It uses SSI (Server-side Includes) to display that date dynamically

SSI Date: Monday, 02-Jan-2012 16:46:28 PST

Because it's dynamic, the page itself is generated on demand, and the HTTP header will say so. The question is whether the indexer believes the header or the meta, see the Date Overrides section.

Search Code: RTest, RTest262, RTestGood, RTestGood262

For more tests, see the Date Test Suite and the List of Search Indexing and Robot Tests.