External Anchor Text

This page is testing whether search indexes make use of the value of anchor text. For more tests, see Anchor Tests and the List of Search Indexing Tests.

This test tracks whether a search engine stores the anchor text of links pointing at a page as part of that target page in the index. If this is the case, the search engine will find the target page even when it doesn't contain the term in the text. For example, a page about Himalayan cats might never include the word "purebred", but links pointing at that page might include the term. If a search engine indexes the external terms, it can take advantage of this extended vocabulary.

This page is the target page, it has the test codes R Test 250 and R Test Good 250 (without the spaces) as anchor text. If this page appears in a search result for the test codes, the search engine has indexed those codes with this file.

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