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Search Tools Survey - Custom Product Ratings

This page covers custom-written and home-made search engines. Of these 25 entries, only a few people were satisfied with their search engines. Complaints include problems with coverage, duplicates, relevance ranking and speed.

Given these problems, and the number of solid search engines available, whether as commercial products, remote services or open-source code, I recommend against custom search engines.

Custom Search Tools Responses, sorted by rating

rating how long date reported What works well about this search tool? Any problems or issues with this search tool?
4 3 years 01/2000 - -
4 2 years 01/2000 Searches all items coming up for sale not really
4 2 months 02/2000 - -
4 Don't know 11/1999 Fast None
3 5 years 08/2000 Relevance ranking complex queries
3 6 months 10/2000 Gets the documents needed Does not support phonetics etc.
3 12 months 06/2001 simple does not scan docs etc
2 4 years 01/1999 - speed (possibly due to hardware)
2 3 years 01/1999 - -
2 2 years 06/1999 - -
2 1.5 years 01/2000 returns good set of results performance not quite as good as needed
2 6 months 05/2000 easy to read results results not ranked by relevance
2 6 months 06/1999 Does a simple, keyword-based search. Users need a full-text search
2 don't know 09/1999 Gets the results Somebody installed the code, and nobody here know how to modify it. Want a simpler search mechanism.
1 3 years 04/2000 T It only performs top-level text searches
1 2 years 06/2001 Not a lot Difficult to find, hard to use, cannot search the content of PDF documents
1 2 years 11/1999 - too limited, can not do multi-word search
1 2 years 05/1999 - not specific in returning results; no ability to do advanced searching or modify searches or refine search within a returned set of search results
1   14 months   07/2001   - We have had many. At this time it isn't working at all. We used this because at the time we were being hosted and could not install any software. We are changing from an NT server to and inhouse UNIX server and I need a search engine that will work with this.
1 6 months 06/2000 it index all site not accurate searches
1 6 months 03/2000 - -
1 2 months   01/2000   nothing too slow, does not find everything it should, returns poor results
1 2 weeks 06/2000 - doesn't give an adequate order related to relevance to the hits
1 not yet 10/1999 it was ready on schedule. result format is minimal and erratic too many duplicates finds pages it shouldn't
1 Under construction 06/2001 Integrated with TWiki Does not include: -proximity -phrases -other


July 2001 Survey Results

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