Site Search That Doesn't Stink


Table of Contents

Site Search That Doesn't Stink

Speaker Info

What is Site Search?

What Sites Need Search?

Why Do People Search?

How a Search Engine Works

Search Engine Diagram

Database vs. Text Search

Indexing Process

What Gets Indexed

Other Indexing Issues

File System Indexers

Robot Spider Indexers

Database Indexers

Major Search Features

Search Synonyms (Thesaurus)

Possibly Useful Features

Search Form Interfaces

Simple Search Page

Advanced Search Forms

Advanced Search Page

Commerce Search Issues

Relevance Ranking

Results Pages

Results Items - Basic

Results Items - Description

Results Page - Info Site

Results Page - Commerce

Results Page Commerce with Extras

Results Page - Not Enough Info

Results Page - Too Much Info

Too Many Results

Clustered Results

Why Searches Fail

Zero Matches Page Bad Example

Zero MatchesPage Good Example

Usability Testing

Search Log Analysis

Effective Site Search

Author: Avi Rappoport

Email: nets0307 at searchtools dot com

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Other information:
This is a presentation given December 11, 2001 at the Internet World Conference in New York City

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