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Lucene/Solr Meetup, June 2009

Notes by Avi Rappoport, Search Tools Consulting

Meetup info

These are my sketchy notes, there was so much good stuff, I did not get it all.

  -- Avi, June 5, 2009

Changes in upcoming Solr 1.4 (Grant Ingersoll)solr logo

Near-real-time indexing - Jason Rutherglen & Jake Mannix (LinkedIn)

Payload Efficiency - Michael Busch (IBM)


Query Parser Framework - also IBM - fun with deduplication and dynamic re-ranking - indexing service in their own cloud, just starting, will provide simple config for Lucene

Lucid search - Erik Hatcher

Stopwords Are Obsolete (Avi Rappoport, Search Tools Consulting)


All in all, a great meeting full of very positive energy.