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Many of the search services require minimal commitment on your part. All you have to do is go to the service Web site, register with a user ID or email address and password, then give them the home page URL. The search service will send their indexing spider to follow links on your site very quickly, so try to do this during a quiet time.

Once you have signed up, you'll see all the setup and configuration options in the browser interface. Some are more elaborate than others: Atomz has a bunch of tabs and subpanes within the tabs, FreeFind has a nice Wizard interface. Webinator has a fairly elaborate mail-back access control: you must have an email address on the server to index that server.

If your server is slow, you are charged by the byte, or you have long files, choose a service that will do low-stress updating, and only get the contents of pages if they have changed (for more information, see "About Search Indexing Robots".)

If you have access to your web site log or monitor window, you can watch the spider as it follows links throughout your site. Otherwise, or for additional, choose a service that provides reports on the indexing process.

Indexing Features

name multiple start pages & sites low-stress updating index info number of pages notes
Atomz yes yes stored report 500 free, more paid Index log shows every URL, includes error codes.



no control, fairly slow

no about 3,000 free, various in paid versions  
Google yes, multiple sites no control, fairly slow no unlimited  
siteLevel yes no no 1,000 free Can include/exclude meta tags, headings, alt, link anchor text, <CODE> and comments.
IndexMySite yes no yes, called sitemap 1,000 pages for free, more paid  
MiniSearch no no yes unknown Excellent indexing report shows pages indexed, those missed and error codes.
MondoSearch yes no live display only, minimal report 10,000+ (paid) Lets you control speed of indexing
PicoSearch 3 for free accounts, more for paid yes live display or email & stored report 1,500 free, more paid  
NetCreations PinPoint yes no email log 5,000 free, more paid the log can be pretty long, but good detail
SiteMiner no no email notice 10,000+ just tells you it's complete
Webinator no no email report 5,000 also available as local server search engines which will index thousands to millions of pages


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