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Everyone is familiar with webwide public search engines and their lists of results. A local search results page is very similar, although for the best user experience, the search results page should look and feel like the rest of your site. If you are using a remote search service as a permanent part of your site, be sure that you choose a service that lets you customize the page design enough for your comfort level.

Simple Customization features

  • page color: let you select the page color, so it matches the rest of your site design
  • background: set the background graphic
  • text and link colors: keep the text, link, active link and visited link colors consistent with the rest of your site

Page Design

Some services let you lay out your results page, including the page sections above, to the left, to the right, and below the results list. This allows you to include your normal navigation and site structure links, showing searchers more about the scope of your site. This usually includes fields for you to paste in your HTML code, and you will probably have to try this a couple of times to get the right relation ship with the results list, so this is only accessible to those who have some HTML tag experience.


Several of the free site search services will display banner advertising on the search results, although none of the paid versions will do so. For many sites, it's a fair trade for searching services, but for others, such as libraries and public schools, advertising is inappropriate, so they should choose a version without advertising.

Results Page Features

name page color or background text & link colors page design advertising (free version) notes
Atomz yes yes very flexible, HTML no (small logo); ads on the admin site option to sort by date


yes yes simple or template-based yes has option to search in results set only, search the whole Web
Google yes yes minimal, logo and background yes Shows Google header and footer
IndexMySite yes yes some yes includes a tester for the style sheet. Defaults to top 5 or 10 results, provides popup menu to change that. Sitemap is nice.
siteLevel yes yes yes, advanced is very powerful yes Novices can choose templates & add forms; HTML experts can use special tags in results page.
MiniSearch no no no yes, on admin site and results, JavaScript, draws over content can add a logo, specify result page text header and footer.
MondoSearch yes yes very flexible, HTML n/a many special options
PicoSearch yes yes your logo only (free version) no (small logo) limited options for free, very flexible for Business Plan
NetCreations PinPoint yes yes very flexible, HTML yes  
SiteMiner no no minimal yes searchers can sort by relevance, title, date
Webinator yes yes very flexible, HTML no (small logo)  
name page color or background text & link colors page design advertising (free version) notes


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