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Care and Feeding of Your Remote Site Search


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Although the remote search service is taking care of the server-side of things, you still have to keep track of the status, even if it's just to make sure it's still running, although these services have been fairly reliable so far. You should also perform test searches, some that you do every time, others that check new information on your site. And, as you change the layout and design of your site, make sure that the search form and results page reflect these changes.

Updating the Index

To keep your search index synchronized with the content on your site, you'll need to set up some kind of update schedule. If your site changes rarely, you can just go to the administration page and the service to re-index the site. However, if your site changes more often, you will want to set up a scheduled update.

Watching the Searches

Analyzing your search log or report can teach you what your visitors are looking for -- it's like having a free, automated market research survey. For example, if you have a movie site and everyone starts searching for the Blair Witch Project, you know it's hot! With this knowledge, you can adjust the content of your site to your visitor's interests, and make sure you have good information so they don't go somewhere else. The richer the reports and more complete the search logs, the more you can learn from your search engine.

Maintenance Features

name updating reports notes
Atomz on demand, once a week, scheduled in 4 hour slots (knows about time zones). count of searches, search words, search phrase, avg. results, reports are emailed


free version: choice of monthly, every two weeks, day of the week, every day; can set the time (knows about time zones); will not re-index inactive sites searches per day, keywords and number of searches over time, recent query phrases reports are emailed
Google no obvious none  
IndexMySite on demand, weekly or monthly search totals, listing of words and number of searches, both successful and unsuccessful word only, no phrases
siteLevel once per week, by day and time (lets you set timezone) choices of time period (today, last week, date to date, etc.) and types: query terms, no results, form counters, browser platforms. top 20 phrases sorted by number of searches
MiniSearch on demand histogram of number of searches, long list of search words with number of times searched words only, no phrases
MondoSearch schedule with service, up to every day search phrases, languages, number of visits, most frequent users, etc.  
PicoSearch Free version not automatic, on demand only; paid version has scheduled updates. top 20 terms, number of searches,  
NetCreations PinPoint not automatic, must manually trigger how many searches were done per day  
SiteMiner on demand, "as often as you like" 50 most recent searches, (no way to tell if they were successful)  
Webinator automatic, every two weeks, and on demand no  


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