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As of January, 2012, this site is no longer updated, due to work and health issues.

Google Custom Search Engine - iframe Result Page

Search Tools Testing

For more information on the Custom Search Engine features,
see my Google Search Service Tools page
and review of the Custom Search Engine / 2007

Notes about the Custom Search Engine iframe interface


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This example table is centered and has a 1 px border to show exactly where the edges are.  The search box has a red border.  The FORID is set to 11 (ads on top and bottom), and the googleSearchFrameWidth is set to slightly over 500px, it has a 1 px green border.  The search results are set to have blue borders.

Note that this version is carried forward from 2009 and has less JavaScript than 2011 versions, but still requires JavaScript in the results page.

For more information and help, please contact me via the SearchTools contact form.

Page modified: 2011-04-01